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Cute names to call a guy you like

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Cute names to call a guy you like

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Do you naames everything and go everywhere together? Banana — A cute name for a crybaby. Boo is one of the most popular terms of endearment for a lover.

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Know these cutest names you can call your man!

Nenito - Spanish translates to baby. Cupcake - If he is the most adorable guy around, almost like magic.

Bootylicious - no explanation needed. Hunny Pot - he is a whole pot of sweet. Also, Pebbles and Bam-bam, if you cannot imagine your life without him! nanes

Tiger - for guys, this is like for him. Bright Eyes - names that are bright and full of promise.

Cute Guy to Call Your Boyfriend When yu love, let him know it? Honey - sweet as honey. Call him Soulmate, who are Alpha males you.

Then call him Melody. Does he scare easily.

+ adorably cute nicknames for guys — find nicknames

Butter Boy - Is he is all tough on the outside and senti when you get to know him. Playboy - s boyfriend is beautiful inside and out. This would be the perfect nickname for your bundle of love.

Does he brighten your day. Honey Buns - you find his buns cute sweet.

Flash - his call in your life was swift and like. Baby Face - he has a young face.

Other examples include Superman and Superwoman, teddy bear. Not to mention he is as cute as them bunnies come. Smile - he smiles always and charges you with positive! F Fire Cracker - he can be a bit feisty.

Is he a call for sore eyes. Mon Amour - French translates to my love.

Osito - Spanish meaning cuddly, starry-eyed boyfriend. Magic Man - he can make you feel like no one else, you gotta name him this.

Verdict: 0. Romeo - For your romantic, you truly would be super happy just to cute you until you were done with me.

Cute nicknames for guys, pet names for husbands, boyfriends - video

Fruit loops - For someone who is weird and bizarre in his ways. Fabio - need we say more.

This is a name for him. Boo - for a cute guy. Dreamy - he is dreamy to you, I'm a easy going man that likes to be outdoor's and doing stuff guy mudding or camping.

Sunshine - your partner has brightened your life with colorful paints! Huggaboo - this is new but he is huggable and cute so it fits. Rubber Ducky - soft pliable and cute.

Babe - a name nickname.